Flying Flight Pigeon

This is a simple introduction the Flying Flight Pigeon.

The Flying Flight Pigeon is a unique pigeon in itself. They are a Beautiful, Majestic bird that have both the qualities of a Flier and in the Show ring. The Flight has, the best qualities in the pigeons, From their Beautiful Heads that are either Capped or Plain Head, to the Pure White Electrifying Stunning eyes, to their beaks that are Clear Red fading into Ivory. Their Eye Ceres and Legs are a Beautiful Blood Stunning Red. The Colors of the Birds are whats also captivating. From Black, Black Teager, Dun, Dun Teager, Yellow, Yellow Teager, Red, Blue, Blue Teager and White.

The Flight received their Names from having White Flights and the Rest of the Bird being a Darker Color. Show Flights are supposed to have 10 Flights, no less.

Flying Flights for Kits, it does not matter if they have 5 Flights or 10, as long as they kit and Fly and stay with the kit. Many Kits range from 25 to 200. When you see a kit of 200 birds Hooking and turning in the sky it is a beautiful site. The Birds seem to have a uniform unison when they Fly almost Tip to Tip and on a moments notice, they all will Turn. Te Birds also look like they are in complete unison with each wing beat on the same pattern

In Many of the Northern States they use these birds for "Pigeon Wars" The Game is to see how many birds you can get from the next Guy. There is many of strategies, these guys use to get Birds.

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